When I look into your eyes

they are lit with bonfires,

the mystery of far off places,

a darkness I have never seen.

Shelter me  beneath the

span of outstretched wings

while I   chant your name

across a golden sky,

the two of us alone in

the wildness of  our dreams.


Saatchi Art Artist Lia Melia; Painting, “The Second Coming” #art

Painting by Lia Melia


85 thoughts on “the wildness of dreams

  1. I do adore how you capture the magic of youthful love. That confidence to experience life in thrilling ways. It’s such a delightful mystery at first. Those times live on in our dreams though hope may be long extinguished.

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    1. I would want to think there is always hope that dreams can come true but that is naive, still the desire to have a dream materialize lives on for the muse. 😊thank you for the wonderful comment Dan. I am watching patiently for the next scene at Hyperion.

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      1. Thank you, my dear friend for returning my dreams to me. I cannot read your poetry without slipping into the greatest memories softened by time. I don’t hope to go back there to their origins but I do hope to continue to remember. I have put up chapter 28 whenever you have time, we explore the deeper psyche of an insular world.

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  2. Wow! Awesome verses with such vivid images, My Dear!! Thank you so much for the little seeds of inspiration. I will pray for rain and see what blooms! Bellissimo, Holly, Bellissimo!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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          1. Wow, I am flattered. This comment is so encouraging. Thank you! I really hope you like my friend Mario Savioni’s poetry and prose. He is a much better writer than me. Without him I would never have started to write poems and created my blog. I strongly recommend you and all your followers my friend Mario Savioni’s novel “Pickles and Tarts” (very short chapters, easy to read). It is a story where 54-year-old Frank has been selected by 19-year-old Nicole through a dating site. Frank looks at Nicole’s photos on the site and is attracted to her beauty. Nicole tells him she has a boyfriend and is not interested in a romantic relationship. She adds: “It’s fun to talk to different people sometimes.” The only apparent thing Frank and Nicole seem to have in common is their interest to write stories. Perhaps they want to meet just to write one together? Now Frank has already started to imagine this story, a story-within-the-main-story. “Pickles and Tarts” is a lovely story of illusion-delusion, dream-reality, non-conformist with the Capitalist system, reflective on love, sex, drugs, abuse, loneliness and human relationships in today’s world. It is profound and highly intriguing. I recommend chapters 11 and 12 that especially deal with sexual abuse, bullying and loneliness:


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