I hope I don’t get all shy like I always do….

Rethinking Life

Everything seems to be in order.  There’s a tall microphone for Holly, Reasa and maybe Melanie, and a short one for everyone else.  Ten chicklets are set to read one or two poems each, so it should be fun.

The food is going to be wonderful and everyone at The Coop is curious about the humans.  Resa and Holly are dressing up, for the event.  The Costume Committee is very excited about that.  They have a lot of questions about sewing.

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35 thoughts on “Sisters Allison and Meeka are working on the stage for next weekend’s poetry reading…

  1. This is a very exciting evening of poetry! OMG! I hope I do The Egg as well as I used to!
    You are going to be exceptionally gorgeous in your Stevie Nicks clothes!! xx

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      1. The scarves are right on! Jimi would be so into that!
        YES, The Egg… it would be fab if you were ….like shimmering the tambourine, as you did an avant-guard pose by the nest (you know the Chicklets built a staging nest for The Egg)
        When I finish hatching, you do a big CLASH on the tambourine, and I leap … well …hop…. out of the nest and begin free form dancing.

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        1. Avant Garde posing, I’m really good at that but it’s been a while. You definitely must have some of my scarves for the free form dance. Oh wow, this is going to be really good. This has to go viral on YouTube!

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