These verses are

flames meant to melt the

chalice of your heart.

In the  white night

we cross the continents,

feel but never touch.

Our secrets,  too sacred  for the light,

set the night on fire.

I am profanity in a scarlet sky,

A blasphemy of flaws to small to alter fate.

While I was  thinking of you

a fledgling fell to earth,

saved by the wind  on her

passage to life.


red head on a bench


84 thoughts on “while I was thinking of you

  1. Holly, I love the middle lines “I am profanity in a sacred sky, blasphemy of flaws to small to alter fate.” To me, it announces, I am human and flawed and even profane, yet I live my life and can’t help whom I fall for – I just do. Well done. Keith

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  2. Ah, dear Holly, I see you in Jim Morrison, and he in you. Romance on a stressful journey, a journey through dark and light, truth and lies are all the same in the Crystal Ship.
    Fabulous poetry! What would I do without it? ❦❦❦

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    1. Ah , Jim Morrison. Just the other night I saw a Docu on him and the remaining members of the Doors were there. I would like to live that bohemian life of his in Paris with a different ending of course. Such s beautiful comment Resa. ♥️🌺

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      1. I adored his work, as I do yours. I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall. It was ginormous. All I could see was a bunch of dots. I had to stand out in the hallway to actually get focused.
        Jim Morrison and many boho musicians (Grace Slick) are in Boogapony Holly. It’s partly where she comes from…. there & you.xxxx

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          1. Well if writing is about the right word in the right place (whether by design or chance, it doesn’t matter) which it obviously is, then you have nailed. That is what writers and magicians have in common, only the right word said in the right place at the right time.

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