If I could return to your sanctuary I would bring one last offering.  Those words you loved,  that you spoke a thousand times  or wrote just once.  I would place them near,  let those tender verses lie down beside you.
Wild Wood

A trampled path winds

its way through the

reaching arms of evergreen

to a misty wild wood where my

heart lies down with yours.

White tail deer nibble goldenrod

and lift the veil of solitude.

Spring showers and wild flowers

flourish there  where

April lives forever.


art © Joan Egert


In Memory

World Poetry Day

133 thoughts on “Offering

  1. This would be the greatest thing in the world of read over a few calming guitar chords. I’m not lying or adding effect. It’s profoundly still and I love it!!

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  2. The woods are such a great place for to recharge when April chases the colder months away. I really enjoyed this poem. Your form flows line to line like a gust of wind, yet you weave in so much descriptive power with phrases like “veil of solitude” and “reaching arms of evergreen”.

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      1. So true, Rene, and a magnificent blessing for all that can tap into the ancestry we carry in every cell of our body, mind, and soul. I sense you are deeply connected and your poetry shows it.

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          1. As are your’s my dear blogoteer friend. My life has been greatly enriched by creative souls that gather here in the WP aether. My INFJ male personality ensures I will blurt out my true feelings and wonder if that was a smart thing to do, but I’ve found patience and tolerance in abundance here and this has given me back the light in my stars. I am very thankful for your bright light and it is always my desire to reflect the happiness I receive. Oh gosh! I did it again….🌞✨

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          2. Haha! Always feel free to “blurt” your true feelings here Dan. True feelings are the ones that count and akways welcome here. I’m grateful for such a delightful and straightforward friend Mr. H. 😊🌼

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          1. That’s such a sweet and kind thing to say Karen, it really makes me feel very good. You’re a generous and kind soul yourself, you make this world a better place. Thank you for brightening my world. ♥️

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  3. Holly, I love the use of sanctuary and the path you walked together deep into the woods. The tall trees offer a cathedral to the walkers hand in hand. I also thought of using words the departed used as a tribute. When I find myself saying something my father or mother, it honors their lessons. Keith

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      1. Oh, I did. There was so much… freshness. Made me smile all the time. And believe, sometimes, smile is a much sought-after (non)commodity.
        So thanks to all for the smiles and laugh.
        Ye be good naw ye hear? 😉

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    1. such a lovely comment Otto, thank you. I spent a long weekend I’m Beaver Creek Colorado. I took some photos trying to put into practice some of your excellent suggestions. . I think they turned out rather good. 😊


  4. Bonjour Belle jeune fille HEART
    Il y a des mots que l’on écrit sur une feuille de papier
    Comme enchantement la feuille se remplie
    Il y a aussi des mots que l’on tape sur son clavier
    C’est, ces émotions que je te fais partager
    Car se sont des mots d’Amitié avec du bonheur
    Passe une Bonne et agréable journée
    Une belle fête de Pâques à venir avec ta famille
    Gros bisous


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