The poetry reading party went over without a hitch. You can follow the entire poetry presentation at Gigi’s Hit and Run. Do you like my beret?

Rethinking Life

First, thank you to the Chicklets for putting the poetry reading party together and for inviting me.

I brought Tide with me, he is going to stay outside with Emily but not too close. He left a

Milk Bone by her door so she will know he is open to conversation if she feels like it.

I’ve brought black scarves (Stevie Nicks style)  and purple berets for everyone and tambourines should anyone be inspired to shake a tambourine.

(clears throat)

I wrote this poem for you.  

I want it to be perfect,

its verses soft as  bunny ears

and chicklets sweet as candy corn

beneath the star lit tents.    

Let’s shake our tambourines

to Resa’s famous Egg Dance

and float some feathery  kisses to Gigi

For bringing us all here. 

See you at the party, love ya, Holly

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42 thoughts on “Holly is a bit shy. Tambourine music was played and it was just perfect.

  1. Ah, I’d hope poetry laid revitalised enough for me to have such endearing communions. Literature in general, I would suppose, seems a little faint in terms of socially binding folks. Music never failed us, though, never! It was clever of you to bring tambourines, Holly. I love it.

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  2. Your beret is perfectimundo!
    What a gas the party was. Of course the PJ party will be getting underway shortly. I can hardly wait to “beat” you with my pillow! xo 😀

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        1. Well, it was virtual but a wonderful time was had. I would love to go to a poetry reading but can’t find one to go to…I don’t think they know what poetry is in Miami. I could always ck out the University right? xoxo


  3. I thought I’d already liked this post. (Loved actually!) But there were no comments opened. Allow me to say that this was a great example of what can be done today. Not just one post, with likes and comments, but simultaneous posts. A slam as you guys put it. Imagine! Ten years ago this was not possible. 🙂
    Congrats to all

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