Near the wharf I sit on the damp wall and sip my drink, let my mind slide into a slippery salamander of sea. The moon is a glistening slice of neon, her whisper carries on the wind, “moon child I love you too”.  Sinking further in I watch a velvet Osprey swoop my reflection from the silver waves where the sighs of lovers are lost in a monsoon. Old images flicker across my frontal lobe as I liberate sip by sip. That man with the golden veins doesn’t interest me anymore. Maybe later when my pearl skinned body breaks the surface I’ll bring him back again.


Photo by Westergren

72 thoughts on “later in the dark

  1. I love this poetic ministory. What connects me most is the soft dreamlike quality with so many stunning visuals like the velvet osprey that scoops her reflection from the water. I’m a devoted broken record but such symphony of words mesmerize me.

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          1. She was—kept me alive—I was a blue baby (a heart condition) the ramifications of some of her ways of keeping me from crying weren’t appreciated by my older brother and his growing family, but what is…is! She did pass away, October 10, 1990…but saw ( by video tape) the wedding of Diana and I—and attended my brother’s wedding in person. She had breast cancer that spread before it was discovered. One med. gave her four more year sof Quality life…but the next level of the same stuff—an early form of hormone therapy—didn’t work!

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          2. Hugs right back! Yep—One of her sisters–same Dad, Mom from a previous marriage–had the same cancer which spread—she went much quicker. And my Diana has survived endometrial cancer now for 25 years. ❤

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