Mystery solved.

Rethinking Life

Man Ray’s family changed their surname to Ray in 1912. Ray was nicknamed Manny but changed his name to Man, and slowly started to use Man RayRay’s father worked in a garment factory. He also owned a small tailoring shop outside his home, enlisting all his children from a tender age.

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36 thoughts on “Holly and I were wondering how Man Ray ended up with that name…here’s the answer…

      1. I already have a superhero: Popcorn Man. Dashing, charming, and athletic, he’s POPular with the ladies and a corn leader. Plus, he’s useful during movies (for free popcorn).

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          1. I didn’t see the tongue in cheek Emoji. 😉
            I like your views on art. And what you would like to hang on your walls. (Man Ray would be one. Willy Ronis another)
            Cheers Coeur de Feu

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          2. Actually IMO not in to surreal art so I probably wouldn’t hang Man Ray (ha, ascot I could afford him). I like art brut, I like contemporary or abstract, and just a beautiful still Life. You Brian? Cheers my friend.

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          3. If either of us could afford it, we would hang it right there… 🙂
            Now, me? Good question. I think… I like most styles of art. From Botticelli to Pollock. From Greek statues to Matisse. From Picasso to Braque to Van Dyck… Klimt. Schiele… I don’t like Julian Freud. And probably a few others. I like street art.
            Yeah. A wide spectrum. That portrait you mentioned the other day? I too would hang it on my wall.
            Be good.

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