Across a velvet backdrop

softly glowing slivers

stream across the heavens,

tapers of candles that wax and wane

with the  out-breath  of sighs.

In a spectrum they plummet

streaking through darkness to

vanish over mountains or

plunge in to the sea.

You and I are stars,

tumbling spheres of unrest.

Stellar shards  held hostage to

the moon until the heat of night

inflames our primal hearts.

Come out…ignite

be the fire.


art by Karol Bak


99 thoughts on “Wilding

  1. Another exquisite scene painted with your magic brush and Karol Bak’s too. Your poetry and Ms Bak’s art go well together. Now, to lay out on the lawn tonight and watch the stars and meteors and dream.

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      1. Oh Eem Geeee! That is a scene worth waiting for. I am sure that evokes a hundred lines of poetry. Well, call me jealous.

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          1. I can only imagine. They test the rocket engines here and when they fire them off it shakes the earth for several miles. It’s an amazing and powerful thing. I’d love to watch one race to the heavens.

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          2. Oh my this is thrilling. The side boosters are flying back to the Cape and the payload is flying at over 12,000 mph. That is screaming fast.

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  2. I singed my eyeballs reading this stellar poem by the Poetess of the Universe.
    She should be a neo-super-hero! Imagine, a heroine, in a costume I would design from bee’s wax and mountains, who challenged the evils of earth with poetry. Of course, she would always win. Sure she would have to listen to a bad poem or two, but in the end good would prevail! xoxo

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          1. I was relieved because I was messaged that address was taken by someone else, yes, me!! I finally worked it out. I have been avoiding the Cleaner but was talked into it this morning…never again!

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      1. There is a much better poet than me, so talented like you, whom I strongly recommend to you and all your followers. It is my friend Mario Savioni. Perhaps you could reblog some of his poems. This would be much more important to me than your reblogging my humble work. It would also mean a lot to Mario. These are some of my favorite poems:

        “A Dream”:

        “Reclusivity of Silence”:

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          1. Yes, please. 🙏 Mario is a far better writer than me, like you, but he gets too litlle attention, which is not fair. I am posting humble poetic attempts thanks to Mario. If it weren’t for him I would never have started to write nor create my blog.

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  3. Loved every word of this romantic dance in the heavens within the stars Rene. Such poetic motion symbolizing two stars among many but the two are standing out bright, your words illuminated their dance floor. Great job.🌹🌹

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