You are an ache, a throb,

a tremble in my heart.

The stroke of copper lightening.

I have etched you in my lines,

in margins I’ve swathed you

in resplendent hues of color.

Your voice is a tender quake,

your breath a hive of honey.

I am a gentle tug you barely notice,

a fleeting rain shower on a summer day,

the gentle wave washed upon your shore

where I have tethered my soul to yours.

Steve Hanks 1




73 thoughts on “Mooring

  1. To be able to feel emotions as deeply as this for another person just wow! I can honestly say that hasn’t happened to me. Your poetry played my Heart like a fine tuned instrument. Glorious just glorious!! Thank you so much, Holly! 💝

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  2. Soul tethering has been the agony of my ecstasy. I often feel the tether of your poetry tugging me into lazy daydreams of what was or may someday be. Your magic is indeed powerful, Rene.

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