I want to hold you closer.

You smell of sandal wood

and  earth after a summer shower.

Because I breathe you, I don’t need the air

and I know how it feels to swim through stars.

In the muted night  we sing our song.

You bring for me midnight choir

I always bring the rain.


It feels like rain








131 thoughts on “I brought the rain

  1. It’s a beautiful poem, Holly, and you can bring the rain to me any time!
    What a great song. I don’t think I’ve really listened to it before. You have wonderful taste in music.
    Happy Easter Weekend!

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  2. Hmmmm…it rained last night and this morning. Was that you? The power of your magic is astonishing, Rene. So is your poetry and choice of music. Great start tothe weekend. Hope yours is full of everything you looked forward to, along with no shortage of butterflies and humming birds.

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    1. Thank you Dan. I’m wishing the same for you. I can’t take credit for the weather but it has been storming here. Did you send it this way? The butterflies and hummingbirds have taken refuge in the sea grape and hibiscus 🌺


      1. I know of what I speak! And earning the M.S.E. sure didn’t hurt! 🙂 Plus, although I’ve cooled down a lot over recent years, I still keep a few certain redheads—them with noble character (!) FONDLY in my heart! ❤

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