Then, wisdom grew from fruit

and  time was a seedling.

All creatures spoke the same,

hymns of bats, the breath of horses.

We were winged and freedom

was etched on the soles of our feet.

Pathways in the earth and sky were known,

not charted.

Now we step naked into the blazing sun.

Bare  ourselves  to golden rivers and the

awesome tidal thunder.


Dali and The Garden of Eden



112 thoughts on “we had wings

          1. Sorry about that. Migraine is awful… (Ibuprofen works for me…) We’ll have a Sunday lunch with the girls, son-in-law, and grand”baby” Gonzalo. (He’ll be three in May, I really should stop calling him Baby!)
            I hope your Migraine is under control. ❤

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  1. A rather special collection of well chosen words inspiring thoughts within thoughts. Lovely. The Old Fool. By the way I have found a way to gather up your posts without searching for them. A stroke of good fortune, certainly!

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      1. They’ve put a ‘manage’ button on the search bar at the top of the ‘following’ blogs page. I only get you in the ‘Reader’ section as I turned on the ‘following’ link to ‘active’. Why it was inactive because I was following you anyway still beats me, yet for you and others who have names I can remember it means I am back in contact. Deep joy.

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  2. Beautifully written, Holly. I love Dalí’s paintings too. He came from Catalonia like me.
    These lines especially resonate in my heart:

    “We were winged and freedom

    was etched on the soles of our feet.”

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  3. WoW. I love happy beginnings with happy endings.
    Yours is a rich talent, Holly!
    I changed the slug on my blog from “Graffiti Lux and Murals” to Graffiti Lux Art & More” It’s still GLAM.
    I want to show more of my art… which I’ve done a bit of, and I want to reblog poetry, Chicklets and things.
    I like that there’s a post with comments closed every once in awhile.
    I’ll do one of your poems very soon. OBOY!!!!

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  4. We Had Wings was the key to unlocking one of the most severe triggers of PTSD I’ve experienced in many years. Friday, a deep tragedy occurred that I was forced to deal with. No one can understand how I cannot separate the past from the present. I am left to struggle through it alone. This poem speaks of the past and present to me, and it resonates the beauty of both periods. It speaks to me about the differences and how time has changed but that image of golden rivers and the sound of tidal thunder is as real as my struggle and I find it especially soothing , timely, and needed. Your healing, magic incantations are much appreciated Rene.

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      1. Thank you Rene, sorry for pulling you into it, but I really want you to know how your poetry and your kind nature is the ray of hope that wins the day. I have learned how to hold on for it to pass. The important thing is to search for the light and you are a remarkable point of light. It genuinely helped to read We Had Wings and relate that to what I was feeling which was a juxtaposition of past and present. I may post the experience soon and find that point of light to share with others. We can live with our demons. That is a hard thing to believe for all those lost souls out there. Thank you Rene. It means a lot.

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  5. Excellent.. They would blame Eve,…. when in fact it was mankind’s new form who plundered the garden of Eden..
    May we one day learn to walk barefoot, and soar to uncharted pathways, beautiful Holly ❤

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