In the depths of  slumber I

Slither the passage of night.
Hedonistic dreams unfold one upon the other
until  you are no longer within reach
but a far off  memory from waking life.
Transparent mica from an ancient site
of  subconscious,  not even that,
something sparkling that disrupts the air
 I am transformed to the
flickering tongue of a snake foraging
A wayward river,
as  fluid as the night.


art by Boyana Petkova

104 thoughts on “Searching

  1. This time instead of complimenting the poet, I’ll put forward my interpretations of the poem: It’s like an hourglass that has no stoppage and pulls everything from depths of a waterhole to the air of the true world. It’s like a honeyed interlude of glitters in dim light. Beautiful. Power through with your work, Holly. 😀

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  2. Loved the line.. “I too am transformed to the
    flickering tongue of a snake foraging
    the wayward river as fluid as the night. ”

    May your dream-time always be fluid and filled with light dearest Holly ❤

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  3. Loved this one Mlle H. Dreams are my favorite pastime. I like them all. I especially liked the transformation at the end. The hint of the supernatural and ancient beliefs come to mind.

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          1. But you captured that dreamlike quality without trying… which is never easy. Ask any surrealist or Mr Carroll. He managed it masterfully in Alice and a few poems but some other books of his completely miss the mark.

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          2. I live in my head and there is no holding back this wild imagination. Mr. Carroll was surely a genius to have creating Alice, what happened next I don’t know. Perhaps you can tell me about him…i can probably find him at Cakeordeath.

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          3. I have done a couple of posts on the various illustrations found in Alice as well a post on the philosophical and linguistic implications on Humpty Dumpty (God that makes me sound pretentious). I am sure you have read that one as it was written as a result of a spat I had here. I will send them anyway.

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          4. Please forgive me…sometimes a little sincere pretentiousness isn’t the worst thing in the world…after all the desire to seem never pretentious can be quite stifling in itself. But I don’t want to come over like an asshole.

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          5. So, you do swear. You never need concern yourself, you are quite capable of expressing yourself in any manner that you like and it will not be anything but being yourself and that is quite special.

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          6. I thought you might have. The secret of Alice is that it was the first children’s book that ditched the didactic tone. The creatures are amoral. Carroll worried about this and subsequent books are heavy with a sentimental preachiness. Alice is remembered and the others are rightfully forgotten. The Hunting of the Snark is good though.

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