Without end or beginning,
I wait for you.
Near night I hunger for darkness.
Shadows of lilting swans
we plunge from cliffs of vertigo
into the gold dust of desire.
You are the hoarfrost of winter,
brilliant bursts of Autumn’s fire,
solitary eagle above the mountains.
Beneath  your wings streams
of infinity carry you to my shore.
Should you fly on to distant provinces
I will follow,
become  indigenous to that land.

Birds of South Asia

119 thoughts on “Indigenous

  1. I love your way of writing poems. It’s like you weave poems in a way wherein every single imagery adds to the vividness of the imagination.

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          1. I’m sure you give much more than you receive, Rene. It is a delight to wander around the WP neighborhood and drop in on friends to share the creative energy that fuels our internal lives. At House of Heart there is always the best food for the soul. 🤗

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          2. I am happy to leave a little sunshine with you. That next chapter got interupted by close friends visiting from Colorado. The only thing left to do is post it if it can sneak by my obsessive editing. I’m excited about it because we are finally moving into the main challenge to our romantc Revenants.

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  2. Beautiful Rene, like birds that soar through the open sky’s that is how your poem flowed. Love how you hypnotize your words with such gorgeous ability to do the same to us.🌹

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          1. Yes though I try to use it sparingly in writing so that it has maximum impact…sometimes you need the force of swear words to express fully the idea you are trying to convey. Especially in writing erotica.


          2. It is a very male dominated genre as the vast majority of consumers until recently were male. I take your point, however another factor is the ambivalence that feminism feels about the genre. The Story of O appears more shocking as it was written by a women who confesses to female perversion which is unacceptable to both conservatives and feminists. Murky waters indeed.

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          3. I would like to see women feel comfortable writing what they want to. When we fear what others think as a writer we are lost. I really enjoyed The Story of O, conservatives would have us burning books. 😊

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