a morning  tide,

sunrise burned into the

sky –  fire.

A breaking not of   waves or light

something inside.

The wing beat of sea gulls

scattered across the sky

regathering they pass by again

Last night I held you in dreams

crumbling  leaves you fell

through my fingers

surrendering  your last sigh

you slipped away.


art by Rick Loggia


97 thoughts on “What remains

  1. Beautiful, Holly. I read this as a death of something cherished, a relationship, a dream, a loved one. The sea and birds are wonderful metaphors for eternity, freedom, and rising flight. So moving.

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  2. This is fabulous! It feels peaceful, and strong.
    It feels eternity, yet fleeting.
    Sorry I am so late to the party! I keep disappearing to sew!

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      1. Yeah.. sew what!
        Been reading up on holly, the plant. She’s going to have some awesome powers!!!
        There’s a Blue Princess Holly!!!

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          1. Her tiara will be shaped like a holly leaf, out of titanium with a sapphire in the centre. It will be hi-tech and online. I’m thinking a hi-tech eyepatch on one eye, and her other eye always covered by a swoop of her long red hair. I did a rough up last night.

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          2. Yeah…sexy… buccaneer type outfit… knee boots … she can poison you, put a curse on you or heal you, depending. There’s more! It’s all based on research I did on holly plants!
            She can grow to 15 feet if intimidated.

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  3. Bonjour gentille fille
    Le joli mai a pointé son nez depuis quelques jours

    Mai est si gai d’habitude que les fleurs s’en amusent
    Le muguet en premier, il sourit par son parfum
    Lui le lilas rit aux éclats

    Mai est un mois ivres des senteurs, de liberté
    Les oiseaux sifflent à cœur joie
    Le joli mois de mai joue avec le soleil
    fait bondir et danser les enfants
    Le mois de mai réveille le printemps qui dormait
    c’est la fête des prairies, des parcs, des arbres
    des sous bois, ou se cache muguet dans ses feuilles vertes

    Mais MAI chez moi nous a réservé une surprise la semaine dernière
    Les toits , champs , arbres ce sont retrouvés sous une couche de neige

    Gros bisous
    Belle journée , bonne semaine

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