Tears stings and salt coats her lashes.
She has struggled with the links of
an endless chain never knowing what
she is there for.
She hides from the sun,
the terrible beauty of woman.
Her face  reflects  in the river,
She almost believes it  might save her.






60 thoughts on “the hunger

  1. Very well written, so beautifully poignant and powerful words. I also hope there is salvation for her. The river could also be interpreted philosophically, the river of life, what makes us want to continue living despite pain and harshness.

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  2. Yeah! That was a great vid! Another new one from you . to me!
    The only thing better was your poem, dear Holly!
    OMG! I’m so into red hair right now. ❦❦❦

    (So, I did a free style sketch of PBH … need to do a focused rendition. I want her to look as much like the super heroes in comics as possible. I’m thinking those new wet crayons Gi is using might help deliver the look!)

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