I need  an oasis

a still life where I am fixed

my hair snared  in cattails

that smell of the sea.

Drooping  moon flowers

awakening at night glistening with

abalone and  the incoming tide.

I need a crimson sky, the rising red sun

binding my horizon refusing to fade.


art borrowed from google


115 thoughts on “i need a mission

  1. Beautiful poem, Holly – I resonate with that longing.
    (Synchronicity – I have two old moon flower poems which I’ve been planning to post soon. There’s something mystical about them….the flowers, that is. 🙂)

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  2. I so, loved the theme/topic of this!!! Getting lost and transported into a painting!! Awesome! Reminds me of the Rod Sterling TV show, from before your time, Night Gallery where this is exactly what happened – people could enter the painting and time! Especially loved your line – “I need a crimson sky, the rising red sun”!! Masterful imagery!! I can close my eyes and see it!! Bellissimo, My Dear Bellissimo!!
    Hope you are having a great day on this Mother’s Day!!!

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  3. Hey Holly, your writing is as gorgeous as it always was. I found a mission and I’ve been away living and working in the mountains, so I haven’t been on the internet for ages. I’ve read through a few of your recent posts and they are all so deliciously beautiful. Hope life is going well for you. All is extremely well here, I’ve gone back to basics and I’m as healthy and happy as I’ve ever been. The Scottish Highlands are looking absolutely spectacular. I tried to take a Scottish mountain to Miami to show you but alas; them peoples in them airports spotted it in my luggage and sent me back home.
    Take extra special care of your good self Holly.

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    1. Mark it’s so great to hear from you, like I’ve found my long lost friend! That you’re doing so good up there in the Highlands makes me so happy. If you can’t get one of those mountains here maybe a photograph so I can virtually enjoy the view. Take very good care of yourself , enjoy that Scotland beauty and fresh air. I’m thinking of you!


  4. We all need that Oasis and to dream of it on the horizon.. I just returned from a little piece of tranquillity 😀
    Have a wonderful rest of the week Holly…
    Much love my friend.. ❤

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