Tell me how you pass the hours.

That slanted smile,

does it hide shackles of pride

(I have mine too).

You are my obsession,

undulating sensations that

can’t be restrained.

What I know of you

I have learned  through osmosis,

the taste of ozone, like breathing air.

In worldly dreams I am wearing leather

waiting for you in a Parisian cafe.

Is there shame in what we  are compelled to do?  tell me



art by Michael Garmash

131 thoughts on “You Can Tell Me

  1. No…. no shame! 😇
    Unless…. you are arranging a hit on someone.
    This one is making me think a lot beyond its fabulous leather outfit! ❦❦
    Anyway, I’m in a dizzy mood. Pipe burst behind a wall. What a day! 🤡

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  2. The place and the things our thoughts can do to us and the feelings they can overwhelm us with. Love, bliss and fantasy to take us away and you managed to put it into words Rene and allowed readers to take a journey also. I love the secret rendezvous feeling you put into this poem🌹

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  3. Even if there is shame I am sure you could learn to savour it. When Eve bit into the apple she felt shame, that was the knowledge that was necessary for her to live. Deep deep poem Miss Heart, you should feel proud.

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          1. I’m sure there is an abundance of material and I can imagine how time consuming getting it all organized might be. In addition, I know you have many other subjects, art, and poetry that I look forward to reading as well. I searched your site for Cathers but didn’t find it. Do you have a link for me?

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  4. I’m having a lot of trouble with WP these days. But, I finally got through to tell you how lovely this poem is. The intro sets the scene in a delicious way and then the young lady in leather awaits. I love the mystery and intrigue, the art, and sensuality of leather and Paris.

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    1. Dan, I’m sorry you’ve had a problem. It’s good to see you back. Thank you for the lovely compliment on this poem. There’s few things more intriguing than a cafe in Paris and leather.

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