Today  I threw wide

those carved doors that hold

so many souvenirs.

The scent of sandal wood

filled the air and I thought

of you.

By tonight I will be in La Jolla

that  marvel of constellations,

the air as salty as sea lions.

Nostalgia is  taboo among the

honey cake dunes.

Maybe I will stay there  forever

paint everything that flickers

and blooms.

I may not think of you at all.






103 thoughts on “I will be in La Jolla

      1. I loved Southern Cal. Love the Colorado Rockies, and so many other places. But I ended up settling down in South Fla. I still love it after 27 years, however it becomes a little fast for my lane these days.

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  1. I haven’t been t La Jolla, and I don’t even know much about it. 🙂
    I like this, Holly. And really you could have picked any place, since the idea seems to be moving on–closing the metaphorical closet doors as well as the real ones.

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  2. Beautifully crafted, Holly. Your words are full of lyricism, with a nostalgic tone and deeply poignant. The last line provides an unexpected and powerful end to the poem. Loved it! You also gave me the chance of a virtual visit to La Jolla which I am sure must be a lovely place to experience with all our senses.

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          1. My rascally nature is too hard for me to suppress at times. I think I might be part river otter and part raccoon. It’s a fun combination and I’m thrilled you see the good in it.

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