A glimpse into the diary of Frida Kahlo…thank you LM.


I must confess that if I have ever like any “ism” I’d rather be Feminist! They are unpredictable!

You know, Men. I mean we all men, we have ruled the world since the religions began to rule and we were so satisfied with our result that we have hidden our heads (and in the same way our brains) in the sand with our regulated, controlled, fixed way of life to settle everything, according to our wish, and thought laughingly; all is the best!

But now, if we really look around us with the opened eyes (opened-minded) we can clearly see what we have failed; to ignore the fear and make something new.

Yes my dear same gender, we have made so many rules for our benefits and missed the point of; “just let it run free”. now there they are; Women and they rock definitely. There here, is one of…

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