Yesterday I  heard the  hunters deep in the forest,  a shot , a thud, a rebel yell. In the wild there is a dead fawn. Its  grieving Doe  bedded nearby   her  eyes a crust  of grief.  We buried her baby under a tall pine tree, wound a broken bough with garlands of  wildflowers.

Last night in a dream they came.  The stench of their  scorn filled the air.  Running until my bare feet bled, they drew back their swords and pierced my heart,   buried me beneath the skins of dead animals.

This morning a sparrow struck my window, its mark formed a teardrop on the pane.  It’s grave is in the shade of the  Hydrangea.

The garden is  in full bloom,  peonies open wide  and  fruit spurs shoot forth  from the apple tree.  At the surface the earth thrives but  deep in shadows the hunters prey, life as insignificant as the tiny sparrow.




105 thoughts on “Hunters

  1. Hunting is a very primitive non-sport. Man should get over his need to kill.
    And what’s with the need to kill African Elephants etc.?
    Your piece exposes hunters for what they are, murderers.

    Excellent work, Holly!!!!!

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  2. Hunting animals of any kind makes my stomach sick and I cry so hard that I want to save all these beautiful creatures from harms way.

    Beautifully well written, Holly.

    The title reminded me of this song:
    It has lyrics follow along.

    Thirty Seconds to Mars – Night of the Hunter (Official Lyric Video)

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  3. This is very poignant and gut wrenching. The line about the sparrow reminded me of De Sade’s quote about the blood of a single bird. Though as always he goes for maximum shock value by massive exaggeration, whereas you just let it sink in.

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        1. I shall find my way over, thank you for the link, it seems I was there previously. Humanity is predisposed to negativity and self-interest. How else can we explain the horrific deeds committed everyday. Thank you for the fine comment and the link Mr. Cake.

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  4. I hate this thing about hunting and wish it would end, as for the bird they’re so delicate. I saw a chick on the ground yesterday, I had to leave it and hope the mum and dad were still about to help it. Hard thing to do.

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      1. It is, bless it the little thing was stood there as if to say ‘mum and dad told me to stay so I’m staying’ even when my dog sniffed it. You’re welcome 🙂

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      1. He was dead , without any wound . We think it has been poisoned involuntarily by some people using product to kill the slugs in their garden . Probably the hedgehog ate those dead poisonous slug

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  5. OMG, Dear Holly!! You brought tears to my eyes! This is so moving and full of truth – something we don’t like to see or acknowledge! I always hate the thumping sound against the patio glass! And then there is the trip outside to see if it was a fatal encounter!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

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