Near daybreak, my eyes close,

my mind steps down into our most

beloved poem

*In a dark time the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade …

I look out upon our desperate gardens.

A raven sits motionless on the branch

of a skeleton tree greedily eyeing the

tiny lark all feathers and bone.

In the state between sleep and wake

I traverse birth and mortality,

the faintest hint of earthy candles

sweeps the orb of my celestial dreaming

a sensation of  pearls like tiny moons

falling from my open palms ,

and you,  whose sigh is a strophe

of sonnets, waits far at the boundary,

not a spirit or  rose tinged snow

but flesh and bone and sinew.

Alone, now  I am sleeping less,

roused by the wing beats of Boreal Owls

circling ancient Cypress trees

their screech a fist of wind with knife edge

talons erupt through feathery curtains,

breech my seclusion,

dark traces that vibrate my hemispheres.

A lofty  breeze lifts me over the valley

to a moonlit hillside of sweet lea.

There  an ivory  fox lies down beside me.

He is the scent of ripe wheat fields

his eyes are the color of the eastern sky.

*In A Dark Time by Roethke






84 thoughts on “Desperate Gardens

  1. Bonjour ou Bonsoir Ami ,Amie HEART

    Tu vois
    Avec beaucoup de sincérité
    Je suis mon cœur
    Il a ses pensées , ses choix et ses propres idées
    C’est alors et seulement
    Que l’on devient acteur de sa vie

    Il faut dans la vie savoir aussi
    Tendre la main à qui en a besoin
    Sans en espérer un retour
    Juste se dire que c’était bien

    Alors s’installe une belle harmonie avec soi-même

    Je te souhaite ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    Profite bien , belle journée
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

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  2. I’m sorry to say that this limerick writer…couldn’t keep up with all the analogy and glowing word pictures of this work! Might take me a while to get through it! delightfully deep—in deed!

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  3. “ In the state between sleep and wake, I traverse birth and mortality”. So powerfully stated expressing the struggle between the feeling of coming and going, the dark and the light which explains this do well. How you shaped your words so beautifully to deliver such a mood is a wonder Rene, you definitely brought life to this.🌹

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  4. This is very complex with many hidden meanings methinks. The title suggested to me Mirbeau’s Le Jardin des supplices, though as you are not a muck-racking decadent anarchist journalist with a very heavy opium habit and very pronounced masochist tendencies (well not that i known off anyway) writing a cynical, jaundiced and poisonous jewel of Chinoiserie, hmmmm i have completely lost my train of thought and this is about to qualify as one of the most random comments ever. Focus. Yes this is excellent and a little bit different though it definitely has your imprint. A dark fairytale.

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  5. How this poem speaks to me in every level of my consciousness. I never grow tired of reading it. Each playing the vision grows more vivid and becomes more personal, more relatable even though in this setting, I am a formless watcher comprised only of eyes and electrified emotions. The ending is superb as my sight fades in the fiery glow of the Fox’s eyes. It’s beautiful Rene as is all of your offerings.

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