Nights while you sleep  my lips are so close I can draw your breath in like an infant at its mother’s breast. I  run my fingers down the curve of your spine leaning in to inhale the scent of your body.   I have entered that golden part of you, immersed the sea that claimed me in oceans of fiery sunsets.  When our hearts grow mute we will know we we  have drifted too near the sun.


art by Karol Bak

83 thoughts on “The Gold

  1. You conjure nice images in your excellent prose. I can feel the wax melting off the wings from drifting too close too the sun.

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  2. Haikus, madam. I would like to see haikus from you. I know I do them on my stupid blog, but it’s stupid. Seriously, with all that hair of yours everyone… you must have hairkus (bah dum tish!). But yes, I do like your poetry.


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