House of Heart

There is a need for
lips pressed, the press
of hands seeking.

Here in my
straight back chair
hold back the firestorm
with elegant hands
and with your lips
claim the hollow
of my throat.

Scatter silk like
autumn leaves.
Allow me to fall
like Β the ripe flesh
of sweet fruit.

artist: Lu Jianjun

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57 thoughts on “Esperanza

  1. This is one of my many favourites.
    The passion is tangible.

    I find myself wondering; what ripe fruit am I?
    Right now, after several nights of restaurants, I’m thinking “watermelon”.
    Adore you! ❦❦❦

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      1. I have not heard the latest plan and can’t write that under your comment on my own blog, for some reason. You and Resa hold a big place in my heart, that’s for sure. You’re both beautiful, talented, intelligent women and I feel truly fortunate to have you both in my life.

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    1. Thank you Brian, the poetry usually comes first but not in the case of Esperanza and Blue Heron. I found the artwork first and the poetry was inspired by the art. Thank you for your interest!

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