It is too soon
to prune but wilted petals

wave provocatively from a
bowing trellis

among the bent stems the sun is pleasing to bare shoulders.

Pulpy worms are sweet to scavenging tongues of hungry birds

plucked without warning from spidery veins of leaves

Elongated roots relentlessly war with nicked and bleeding fingers

I know it it is too early but chaotic gardens long for control
once again.


104 thoughts on “Narcissus

    1. The wildness is beautiful, I prefer my garden feral πŸ™‚ . Summer is blistering hot here with occassional storms to cool us down. I hope you are well and to find you back at Mirror very soon. ❀

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  1. I enjoy this poem . I see you in rest on the lawn under the sun near the plants so that you have a close view on them .
    About the hungry birds , they are also probably thirsty . I keep for them in my backyard a bassin filled with water !
    Love ❀

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          1. I see feral gardens everywhere. 😳. We didn’t have spring so my spring flowers are popping out as summer flowers. We are all confused. My evening is indeed lovely and all the best to you too as well Rene. Here’s hoping Monday feels more like Wednesday 😁


          2. I do thank you for pulling me out of the spam can. Usually the other folks in there are a little sketchy but lately, a lot of us are getting pitched in there. I found six readers languishing in spam the other day. It’s Hans for sure. That ASS! 😁

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          3. Ha ha ha! Oh, I can see those snotty WP IT police (pronounced whip it) quaffing quart cups of Starbucks Frappachinos and powdered sugar donuts while tweaking the spam filter with one finger on the keyboard then high fiving themselves after another thousand blogoteers disappear in the spam dungeon. 😈😲

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          4. Oh yes! Take over the world. I’ve already started with several of my Blogoteer friends. You should join us. We have a brigade each of chickmunks, squirrels, cats and ninja otters. Antarctica gave up without a fight, thank goodness. We should take over WP so we can get our message out to the world. Would you like to be Bodica the II?


          5. Waaaa haaaa haaaaa! Rene, you made me snort laugh πŸ˜‚. Boudica was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. She led from the front line too. She is considered a British folk hero. She was also a red haired beauty. I don’t think she did any porn but she sure kicked a lot of Roman bootie. Kymber from Boomcha blog is our Deputy Commander and her cat Cesare is the Army Grand Martial of Troops. He leads all of Kymber’s daughter’s chickmunks. They are fiesty little rascals that wear half acorn shells for helmets.


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