The waves sweep in
dropping treasures at the shore
retrieving it with outgoing swells.
Shimmering Seagulls, angled ragged
shapes, swooped up by the winds cadence.
Shells and speckled seaweed coexist
with abalone in every shade of color the
eye can hold.
Macaw and ruby parrots fill the trees
and bird of paradise too beautiful to bear.
Within a moments distraction they vanish
beyond the pebbled shore and falcon sky.



82 thoughts on “The Penitent Sky

          1. You are so welcome! Sorry about the rain. It’s summer here, isn’t it there! LOL! We just saw Yesterday and liked it. I enjoyed the romantic ending! I’m not really the action/blow it up macho type! Duh! Hope Sunday clears up for you, My Dear!!

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  1. I love your vignettes by the shore Rene. They are more beautiful than my memories but after I read, they become visions like memories recalled in quiet times. The artwork is delightful as well.

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          1. You are welcome Rene and thank you for always being such a wonderful host. The coffee is always hot and the pastries delicate and sweet, but most of all, the poetry and conversations are heavenly. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡βœ¨

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