There is a bird the color of a rainbow.

When he grieves his song pervades the caves of forgotten dreams.

His laughter is a river that sings like children,

it flows through stone to soothe the abandoned.

His tongue drips with the honey of desert flowers.

Wading wide shores of light when we are thirsty

we sip from feathers painted in his colors

when adventure calls we lift our wings and fly away.


106 thoughts on “Blue Heron

      1. “From dawn a heron has frozen like a rush
        On the edge of the virgin lake where his image dives.
        One would say surprised by the philter of a dream,
        Escape from the real, smug on his long foot.

        Oh ! far from dreaming, this calm and beautiful heron
        Made in front of the serious wave a gesture of lie.
        In the immobility that his cunning prolongs
        Nothing of the waves collected escapes his round eye.”
        Albert FERLAND (1872-1943)

        Thank you Conhonfucious, this is beautiful!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Holly! Such an enchanting poetic diction that transmits pure sensuous delight. The colourful herons added emphasize your gorgeous lines.

    A warm hello and have a nice weekend!

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  3. “When he grieves his song pervades the caves of forgotten dreams.” I loved this line. I think it made me feel like ‘I’ could be reached by his song, even if I had been lost and forgotten.

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  4. We have a resident blue heron on Sand Lake. It’s always exciting to see him/her. Sometimes we hear a fluttering of wings and realize that we have unknowingly surprised it. As always, your words are magic.

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    1. Thank you so much Dennis, they are beautiful creatures. Right now we have an abundance of Sand Hill Cranes, most are in pairs with their offspring. If they should get separated you can hear them calling for hours.

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  5. Oh yes, the Herons. Majestic birds. I could watch them for hours strolling along the beach and estuaries. The art is truly inspiring and I enjoyed the vision you saw in the color rich canvass.

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