Your eyes are the crescent

of a silver bay that circles my mind

in the deep mystery of sleep

your voice an invocation of bells

that once rung cannot be undone

in dreams I am your dancer

beckoned at your will

I am a charme on your well cut cuff

a link on your diamond encrusted chain.


art by digitalina

109 thoughts on “Temple Bell

  1. “Your voice… an invocation of bells that once rung cannot be undone”…. those as such powerful verses. I was thinking that we are lucky to have certain devices to record voices nowadays… and to do so without too much complications…. a voice can trigger and unfold the past, for sure.
    The poetic imaginary is beautiful, as always, my friend. Have an awesome week ahead, dear Holly. Many hugs 😘♥️😘

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  2. This poem drills deep into my lizard male brain. It has many interpretations and I love getting lost in as many as my mind can fathom. That is the beauty of my fascination with the Romantic Era and all the poetry, literature, art, architecture, and music it conjures. Such lovely visions you create Rene. I see Ms Fanny Brawne through the eyes of a young John Keats. I choose a kind and gentle path through the visions it brings. And wow! What a perfect picture of Resa celebrating the completion of another magnificent art gown. 😁

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  3. So mind intruding! But you really think over all “your voice an invocation of bells”. 😉 In the past i heared some voices more sounding like fire sirenes. Lol But if happened, love takes you blind. Best wishes, Michael.

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  4. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami,Amie heart

    Chaque jour, je vois défiler le temps
    devant moi la réalité, derrière moi un passé
    Chaque jour, je fais les mêmes gestes
    Les mêmes mouvements
    Assis devant un café, je viens te retrouver
    L’ordinateur est devenu mon ami avec lui
    je t’offre un peu de joie un peu de bonheur
    et toute l’amitié que j’ai au fond du cœur
    Profite bien et ai pleinement conscience du bonheur de vivre
    Je te souhaite un bonne fin de semaine

    Bises amicales

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      1. Mercy Buckets! ❤
        Akismet says things should be okay going forward. However, if I am in a SPAM folder from before the fix, that blog will have to free me. 🤔🧐🙃

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          1. Yeah… although, not as bad as the boat leaving the “Oron’s dock without you. I wasn’t even invited.

            Well, I’m in the process of comment testing my faves, and sending “free me” messages to the usual suspects.
            I have a direct link to someone on my file at Akismet, in case. It seems that if I am in someone’s SPAM, and they don’t free me, I can’t comment on that specific blog.

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          2. If just once someone mistakenly sends your comment to Spam you are spam until ASSkimet clears you. Good plan to ck with some blogs you follow I did that , until I gave up on the older comments 😊

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