interlacing tendrils weaving
desert sand,  bodies
stretching, giving way,
every ripple replicated
In the amber sand.
The night desert is damp
With dewdrops of sweet dreams
where each sigh is a vow.
Silently I inscribe
Arabesque across the grain of your skin so when you awaken you will remember.

107 thoughts on “red dawn

  1. I love this vid and your poem is so beautifully romantic. I am reminded of the Arabic tribes and north Africa. I loved their traditional music though I understood very little. I can see two lovers who know the desert and the expansive beauty it can be tho never does it reward the slightest disregard.

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          1. I definitely feel you on that one. And the awesome sauce was your poem. You are a magic word weaver Rene. My vocabulary has been reduced to just Wow when I read you. Then I spend an hour sunk into the visions created. I’m not complaining mind you, but I may have a slight obsession disorder. 😍

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  2. That video is beyond gorgeous looking.
    However, your poem is ever so much more beautiful, sensuous and truly special.

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          1. Gi is drawing you in the black dress w/red cuffs on a Chicklet!!!! Am doing a Chicklets/Art Gowns post in the near future. TY for re-blogging!!! I’m over on Art Gowns. When I get back to GLAM will thank yo from there, and like from there.

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          2. Oh yeah! It’s going to be a fun post. I’ll do it in a couple of weeks, after the brew ha ha from Queen Isabella dies down. Do you have any poems about a gown… with the word gown in it? Draped beauty? Something… Chickens?

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          3. If you want a fight, human female, I’ve made a fist and I’m shaking it angrily at my laptop screen. But I’m not sure what to do now… do I punch my laptop? That would probably break it.

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          4. He’s quite short. I felt like I could pick him up and run off with him. Which I did not do.

            I’ve written a book. But I could write another one now I’ve embraced this celebrity lifestyle stuffs.

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  3. I double up on my previous comment, and await your reply to my mail w/pics.
    Aren’t I the impatient one! ❤ 😀


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