I am a lone bird wheeling jagged edges

of ancient cliffs above the shallows

of a rough Dover sea.

My feathers gleam in the beam of

the lighthouse where gentle swells

pulse against hollow bones that in

pale blue dreams you hold tenderly

in your palm like a treasured pearl.

We have abandoned the lighthouse

that seems to lean closer to the sea

waiting in vain at the tide swept shore.

The beam has ceased its search,

still each time I pass by I tip my wing.

Art by R. Simon

130 thoughts on “the shallows

  1. Beautiful image and even more beautiful is the imagery. As I said long ago, this with all its lyrical immediacy will be one of the most hauntingly gorgeous things the world may witness, if played as music or at a reading.

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  2. Beautiful and lyrical β€” past and present melded together to be softly, slowly pulled asunder. I tip my wing to you, Hollie.

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  3. Love how you take us inside the thoughts of the gull sailing on the off shore breeze. You give us much to think about here Rene. There is this soft dolefulness in the reference to the lighthouse and once held heartbeats now sailing alone.

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          1. It is mutual Rene. What is better between two people who share an ancient history filled with art, poetry, and literature? Mutual Inspiration is an elixir for artful souls.

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          1. I know!! And they really cluttered them around. If I’m having ads on my site, I want to be paid for it, and decide on what and where.
            So glad you liked the Gi sketch! ❀

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      1. You are so welcome, My Dear! I think WP made a huge error awhile back because I have been having to add those I have followed for years back. I see a “Follow” button and go “What?” and have to follow again! In fact, I think I had to do that with you. I would be honored to have you following me!! (again) Ha! Hope your week is going well??


        1. I will always be following dear Chuck. Yes, something went haywire with WP, one of the issues is that as you say every time I visit a blog that I have followed for years the “follow” button appears again and again. It’s as though it is not going through. So sorry my dear friend, but I will follow till my follow fingers give out. πŸ™‚

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          1. I guess we are in the same boat with WP!! I’ve been doing the same thing. I will contact them tomorrow and find out what the heck is going on!! You are always to sweet!! Have a happy day, My Dear!!


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