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Whiskey Tales and Spells

I write to let my emotions slowly escape
A drop or two of blood of heartbreak
A sigh of a memory
A whisper of bound desire
A tear of remorse
A caress of lovers’ passions
A blink of anger
A kiss of overwhelming grief
A sip of fear
I write to connect to you, without drowning you
We can feel heartbreak without bleeding
We can remember without hurting
We can desire without sinning
We can regret without crying
We can make love without regretting
We can be angry without violence
We can grieve without losing
We can be afraid without reason
I write to live, without living

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4 thoughts on “Undead

    1. I’m sorry to be late in getting back to you . I’m so honored that you thought of me but I decided some time ago to be an award free blog. That you considered me is award enough. Thank with all my heart. ♥️


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