When you came for me

I was not searching.

Wild and beautiful,

lids heavy with desire,

I sipped Santiago raindrops

from your tongue and

salt-rose tears fell from

my eyes.

At the hour of your

departure my heart became a

dying bird, it’s wings

*unfastened and open.

*”unfastened and open” from Pablo Neruda’s poem “A Night On the Island”

excerpt from Night on the Island

by Pablo Neruda

I have slept with you
and on waking, your mouth,
come from your dream,
gave me the taste of earth,
of sea water, of seaweed,
of the depths of your life,
and I received your kiss
moistened by the dawn
as if it came to me
from the sea that surrounds us.

90 thoughts on “For Pablo

  1. I love what you did here Rene. A poem within a poem, an inspired vision with that undercurrent of heartache. It’s early for me, but not too early for your captured vision to set my imagination on fire with red sunrise on a warm, sugar sand beach, her skin like rain on glass, and my senses overwhelmed by the perfume of desire and the scent of a morning sea. This is going down on a scrap of handy paper and a scene in AofE is born. I am eternally grateful. Thank you my dear friend for your daily inspiration. 😊

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          1. Your Delightful Head Elves know my Head Elves well. I’m looking for some white stylish shoes and a fine Tequila. Meet me in Buenos Aires at the Senor Tango. There is always a lively crowd. Of course, New York is closer but Paris is more fun. Heck, we’ll visit them all and the bar top Herman Tequila Dance will start a new Tango revolution. 😎😎

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          2. Senor Frog it is. Yes, my Learjet has Hawkin quantum drives. It’s a little project I’ve been working on. Take offs are normal but when we hit near light speed we are landing before we finish taking off. It cuts down on fatique and jet lag. 😁🚀


    1. Neruda’s book Residence on Earth moves beyond the conventional lyric to a cryptic style inspired by Surrealism.
      This quote you offer is so beautifully true and heartbreaking Kenne, thank you.


    1. Thank you Gi, just a small tribute to Neruda, , I would nver imagine to achieve his gift of words. There’s a lot more to this man than poetry, his history is quite amazing, he led an extraordinary life.


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