Deeper than the Mariana Trench
more rare than a conch pearl,
The finest cognac glowing in baroque,
Belle lettrés from the crest of a tree.


In my periphery I see you.
My breathing stops to listen
for sounds of our existence.

A sole dove swoops into
the crown of a tree
quiescent in a forked bough.
The cardinals fly in,
a brilliant male  and his drab mate,
nature’s biased humor.
Captivated  by his beauty
she watches him fly away.
Without the will to fly alone, the lone dove lingers.


77 thoughts on “A sole dove

  1. I’m always transported into the scene of your poetry Rene. Your mastery of figurative language with such concise lines always creates a rich and colorful panarama using all the senses. What Captivates me most is the personification and wistfulness conjured like spells written in an ancient book that ideologies, governments, and religions could not burn.

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  2. Your poem is music, Holly . For instance listen to the last line :
    ” the will to fly alone, the lone dove lingers.”
    Love ❤
    ps ; I read the post of your WP anniversary. Compliments.

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  3. Junoesque and sublime!
    Yes, I’ve got my Roget’s by my computer now.
    I need way more words to describe your prodigious poetry.
    Love it!

    On another hand, I’ve been at a 1 year old’s birthday party. I had no idea there were so many kids in the next generation. I’m exhausted from their birthday party joy. xo

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      1. No, no sugar. I go insane on sugar. Norm has a Boxster, and I’m not well behaved in the car, as is. I might have popped out of the top.
        The kids had lots of sugar. OMG… there was these walls of donuts, cupcakes forever, macaroons mountain, cookies and stuff I don’t know about. I actually have a headache from just looking at all that sugar. xx

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        1. We wouldn’t want you popping out of Norms boxter! You’re sure you didn’t get into the sugar? Hope you had lots of fun. It’s been a while since I went to a kiddie birthday party. Those little darlings. 🤗

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          1. You must have been the best mom!
            This is the first kids’ party I’ve been to in many moons.
            You couldn’t count the kids. However, all of the moms knew all of the names of all the kids.
            I knew 1 name.
            You know, I didn’t have any sugar, but I’m feeling like I did, and now it’s the low after the high.
            I’m getting a glass of wine. That should straighten me out! 😀 x

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  4. There is such a sense of sadness in your enticing words, Holly. Also a feel music as if the birds themselves are divining their own orchestra. Beautifully penned and I thank you!! Brava! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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