You are perplexing.

When my eye lids close your aura lingers.

I pretend to understand but I have yet to unravel the enigma.

Your soft growl grips my emotions, holds me tender with soft pads

or still with the urgent press of teeth at my throat.

What I know of you I’ve learned through osmosis

those flickers of sentiment deep as roots.

My instincts send out a warning but with you so near it is too late.

One thing I know for certain you are skilled at breaking and entering.


70 thoughts on “Man

  1. I think you pretty much nail that moment of transition Rene. The precipitous fall from sentient being with a mind for abstraction to the instinctive beast within. Predator upon predator is a battle for dominion. Predator upon prey in this context is a feast of desirous sensuality. That’s what goes through my mind when I look into the Tiger’s eyes and read this exquisite poetry. What I most love about this poem is it gives the other view, one the Tiger could never know.

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      1. Thank you Rene! I absolutely live for the chance to swim in your poetry. It is a beautiful day and I hope for you as well.

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  2. I’ll have you know I’m a human male and I am not at all skilled at breaking and entering. I’ve never even broken a limb. Seems a rite of passage type deal for most men.

    Although perhaps I’m missing the subtle nuances of this piece…

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      1. Sorry. It means Lord tiger in Vietnamese or Cambodian. Never really knew which. My parents (after living in Nam and Cambodia) used it to say “tiger”. As a kid it felt very magic to me. 🙂 Hadn’t thought of that name in years until I read you.

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