10 thoughts on ““Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild.”

  1. I would really like to know what poetry Mssr. Diderot read to utter such an intriguing quote. There were times on the north Savé River in Zimbabwe on the border with Mozambique where nature’s poetry was exactly as he describes. For me, it was the juxtaposition of bloody hell and spectacular sunsets.

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      1. I really am transported back to The jewel of Africa before conflict forever condemned it. It was precisely as he describes. I wrote of it on WordPress a few years ago, but my novice skills at the time didn’t do it justice. Visual poetry is something that has always transfixed me in memories often too intense to do anything but save it for a time when I can process it. I must agree as well. It is what Diderot describes that leaves us in awe.

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    1. I admire the confessionals, Sexton and Plath, poets unafraid to face criticism, esp women who are more likely to be judged for content. I agree , it is hard.


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