House of Heart

The waves are endless,  rushing in to the dunes . They are moody and sleepy or screaming with anger,  anarchistic fury fighting destiny.   The sounds of the beach are constant.,   the boys whistle and  yell  “ay mami ”  but it doesn’t bother me.


When I am in Mexico

my name is Maria.

My hair is as black as

the Grammostola   spider,

it shines like the crystals of Playa Norte.

At night we disappear into the barrios,

lose ourselves to the funk of  Bossa,

sway to the sound of  carioca.

You whisper in my ear

 linda Maria



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34 thoughts on “Maria Maria

  1. Oh, how my ancient werewolf heart flutters at the visage of the lovely vampiress, Maria as she strolls confidently through the vibrant night life to join in the song and dance enjoyed by the locals, the authentic pursuit of the people. I hear/feel/taste the carioca where laughter and clinking glasses blend with siren calls. I can only bay at the moon a short distance away, but it’s enough. Well, that’s how your poetry creates stories in my head Rene. 🧛‍♀️🐺 It’s a favorite pastime of mine. 😁

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      1. Spiders are lovely creatures except when they are on my face after I plow through their web. Then you will hear the werewolf howl or yelp more likely. Some fast foot work and slapping noises keep the beat. 😳🕷.

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          1. I can testify that when spiders get in your hair, especially big black ones, you do go insane slapping, grabbing, jumping and screaming. Of course, all the witnesses think it is great entertainment. Bats, on the other hand send everyone running away. When I go hiking, if I’m the first person down the trail, I hit every spider web on the trail. 😬🕸 eeewwwww!

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          2. Ha ha ha! I somehow envision something wonderfully creative emerging from that tiny sub rosa. If you and Resa get together, it will be phenominal. I’m totally down for that. 🤩


  2. Ola, Maria Maria!
    Esta es una poema bella. Es mi gusta, mucha.
    Mire en la canto tu escribes y la feliz tiempo tu hecho para nosotros!

    (My Spanish is very rusty, but still works, sort of)
    Adore the song and video.

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