House of Heart

Near daybreak, my eyes close,

my mind steps down into our most

beloved poem

*In a dark timethe eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade …

I look out upon our desperate gardens.

A raven sits motionless on the branch

of a skeleton tree greedily eyeing the

tiny lark all feathers and bone.

In the state between sleep and wake

I traverse birth and mortality,

the faintest hint of earthy candles

sweeps the orb of my celestial dreaming

a sensation of  pearls like tiny moons

falling from my open palms ,

and you,  whose sigh is a strophe

of sonnets, waits far at the boundary,

not a spirit or  rose tinged snow

but flesh and bone and sinew.

Alone, now  I am sleeping less,

roused by the wing beats of Boreal Owls

circling ancient Cypress trees

their screech a fist of wind with knife edge

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30 thoughts on “Desperate Gardens

  1. This poem is among my favorites. It went well with Dari and Marius in AofE, the Raven and the Lark. Monday, early, the Thousand Years also enlightens Alexandra’s heart. It’s a short scene but goes well with your gift. Thank you eternally for sharing.

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