House of Heart

I left a message for you in a book.
It is like me to mark provocative phrases,
to shake them out in ponderous verses.
Do not read too much in the fallout,
the notes in the border are for nostalgia’s sake.
I dreamt of you  last night My adversary
Your aura I barely recall.
the suffering is in  knowing what is real

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74 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. Another favorite. I hope you are still making notes in the margins and underlining passages. It’s my favorite thing to do while reading. I Love the last line connected to the image. The dreamy look speaks of daydreams or fantasy, perhaps memory. It’s hard to keep it all straight after a while. 🙃🙂

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          1. I can totally relate as my back and hips have punished me severely for all the abuse I heaped on them. Rehab is like real work. I think that made my allergies to productivity flare up. 😬🤧 I’m pretty sure the medical staff that I work with have to take extra vitamins to avoid getting infected with my eccentric points of view. I do love and appreciate them, regardless.

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          2. Big cyber hugs Rene, and thank you 🤗. I’m in very good hands and as I’ve bloviated often, I have much to be thankful for so my nite light never goes out. I have a date with them in 30 minutes and they never fail to be entertained by my wiggly efforts to bend the unbendable parts. We’re making great progress and I expect to be back on the trails again this fall. Woo hooo!

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          3. Update! I survived the grueling cure, the therapists noted remarkable improvement and a high five was had by all. Now, I need a nap, but first I’m going to celebrate with some Captain Crunch cereal and faux milk. 😁🏋🏻‍♂️

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          4. Oh indeed! The sugar crash after a heaping helping of Cap’n Crunch is epic coma time. I’m still sleepy. You should see these exercises they have me doing. One of them makes me look like a bird dog on the point. Ms Therapist warned me it was NOT a mark my territory exercise. She seemed pretty serious about that so I stuck to pointing birds and left the territory marking part out of the scenario. Later, I wondered if I had signaled the wrong intent with my poor bird pointing technique. 🤔

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  2. Hi Hollie,

    So this is the first poem I have every read of yours. I got to say that what brought me here is summed up in the last line: the suffering is in not knowing what is real and what isn’t. I have a long history of leaving comments in other people’s books. So I can identify with your voice. I often wonder what old girlfriends think when they find something I have written or underlined in one of their books. Nice poem and good luck. Thanks. Duke

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  3. I am pleased you reposted this again Holly as I missed it first time around my friend.
    Life gets busier ..
    What is real or not, all in the eyes of the beholder.. And we can find messages in many a book,
    In fact I often read an ‘accidentally ‘ opened page, its message revealed is never no accident 🙂

    Sending warm well wishes your way Holly ❤

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    1. I’m so glad you stopped by Michelle, you know that means a lot to me. I was at your blog but do to WP issues I was unable to comment…on my phone, it kicks me out, and makes me sign in again and again. Sorry, but I am thinking of you ❤

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      1. Aww 🥰 I love that. I’m not sure why this happens the getting kicked out. This happens to me too. I have to enter from the reader and look blogs up, unless I happen to see them on the reader. Such an odd glitch with WP. Have a lovely day Holly ❤️❤️xxx

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