Wide  walls of

water tumble into deep pools

spilling over slippery quartz.

Grasping at jagged edges

She steps onto the mossy sludge,

sinks into  soggy pockets of

blue-green algae.

Slender fingers  grab at  veiny

pulleys of the  forest yet when

She reaches they resist.

The water is screaming indignation,

a fury thrashing upon stone,

Penance for thwarting

it’s downward path and there is

no way to console them.

Retribution is why She comes here,

a pounding  retaliation,

the sting of needles on her back

stones soothed by wrath.




79 thoughts on “Falling

  1. One of my favorite things to do is go to Tennessee’s Savage Gulf wilderness and hunt for waterfalls. What a powerful experience this poem speaks of, Rene, and the picture brings it to life. Beauty, power, and fury in the Yin energy brings the Water Sprite to life. She tells us much about what she feels in this moment.

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          1. I had a writerly revelation last night in a dream. Not to worry, a lot of my vision of the A of E story to include the next two books in the series come in dreams, nite and day types. 😊 You and your poetry has inspired a new character I introduced as a memory in Scene 47. I’m considering bringing her (Aife) into the story. Supposedly, her name means Warrioress, Fighter, or strong feminine persona. I think the story needs a spiritual guide that in a poignant way, points to a more noble path than the Revenants’ fiery combative nature. What do you think 🤔? With your permission, I would continue to feed your inspiration into Aife’s life and interaction with Alexandra and Dari.

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          2. You surely have my permission and I would be more than honored to be the inspiring force behind Aife. What appears to us in dreams represents our subconscious emotion, the most trivial symbol may be significant. Aife is a Celtic warrioress…I think she will have a profound influence on the Revenants. I am truly honored Dan, I look forward to this unfolding.

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          3. Thank you so much Rene, I saw Aife as the guide to breaking their cycle of violence, which the Revenants have all grown tired of but don’t see how they can stop it, caught in their rigid views of maintaining the old ways and rituals and fighting off what they see as aggression against there way of life. Aife, will show them a more noble path. She represents the light we seek in our darkness. She will make her debut soon. 🤗

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  2. One of my favorite things – waterfalls. I had a state park in my ‘back yard’ growing up, the features of which were waterfalls. Seven continuous cascades along a pristine five mile trail. Oh this takes me back! Beautiful, Holly! Simply magic!

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    1. I decided some time ago to not participate in awards but I couldn’t be more Honored that you selected me . Your likes and comments are my reward, thank you from the bottom of my heart Petri 💜

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  3. You’ve put me there. My feet are in sludge, but the retribution of the impeded falling water feels redeeming on my ankles and calves.
    Gorgeous, Holly.

    If I email you some pics of the Fairy Flower Garden, will you write a little Rhino poem for the playdate?

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      1. Write away!
        I just sent a few of the pics. Runway and Rosy will be able to gorge on many different varieties of flora. I’ve always wondered what that Fairy Garden was for! Rhinos!!!

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