I feel you

at the razor edge of madness, 

In the fierce break of waves along

 the sea line, 

in dark  eyes that catch mine 

in musty corridors of dreams. 

I  feel you in the wild of wolves, 

In vigils of  nightingales at my

midnight window. 

I  feel you in the ache of   my  bones. 


art by Karol Bak

82 thoughts on “I still feel you

      1. Some nights, when I’m lying in bed, every bone in my body will ache. The ache is not really bad, but it’s just enough to set me on your razor edge of madness. What is funny about it, however, is I think the cats sense I’m uncomfortable, because I often end up with cats piled on me from head to toe, which helps soothe the madness.

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        1. Oh, I’m so sorry you are suffering with this Tim, I have to admit I let my doggie sleep at the foot of my bed and now my cat and I miss them if they don’t come around. I hope they offer you great comfort!

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          1. Lola sleeps on the right shoulder and purrs most of the night. Purring is at a frequency that helps heal kitty bones, and I think it helps human bones as well. Lola’s purring has really helped my right shoulder, which is slowly wearing out.

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  1. I think my favorite word that comes to mind when I read you is, WOW! My eyes like to pop open and my jaw likes to drop too. Stunning, evocative, and brilliant also come to mind. Karol Bak’s art is equally stunning on this page. May I borrow I Still Feel You for A of E? I have the perfect recipient for this deep and longing poem.

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  2. I’m mad in my dreams… a distillation of my life, I believe.
    The pain has not quite reached my bones, it runs though muscles and nerves.
    I hope nightingales will arrive, before my bones, so I don’t have to be at the razor’s edge.
    Adore this. Adore your understanding.
    Adore the poem. ❦❦❦

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