the sun who shines
without expectation.
A breeze that shapes soft
passages where you travel
Let me be the wind,
breathing lilting melodies
that set your heart in motion.
In the night I will be
the moon, the swell and pull
of tides that draw you to me.
Ascend on a windscape strung
with stars the earth so far below.


77 thoughts on “Let Me Be

  1. And let’s not forget Let It Be. Now I’m going to try something here as I hink this works in getting YouTube clips live. Blame WP if not! here we go!!!


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        1. Bringing positive thoughts is more than I could hope for. I am well, though there is a storm heading our way but we’re hoping it sidetracks us ( and the Islands) . I hope you are well! Thank you Michael, 😊


  2. I asked Reza to consider a live modeling of his art gowns…by you. I’ve been informed that you and he are around 1,300 or so miles apart. Bummer. You are—and always will be—my friend. And, no, that’s not original,
    but still true. You and your loved ones be careful of Dorien’s power…OKAY?

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