92 thoughts on “Pagan Dreams

  1. In an alternate dream state, a peregrine falcon as a guide moves one’s imagination swiftly over ancient pathways. Not bound to earth, kissing the sky, the dark resin that binds our dreams splits from the sonic disturbance of our swift guide as she silently shifts and bends our dreams near the speed of light.

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  2. I like what Watt said! I feel the same way.
    Your words dance into poems. This is why an Art Gown based on the Tango, the most passionate of dances, is perfect to dedicate to you.
    I’ve been saving all of Gi’s Tango poems in the yet empty of gown post.
    Whew! I keep checking the storm track. A 5 —- F*&#
    Thinking of you so much! ❦❦❦❦❦❦❦

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      1. I’m so jealous that you know how to Tango. All I can do is the Egg. Mind you there is a lot of free style flailing involved.
        So, I’m going for a very unique drape on the black. This is because of Judy’s 1 metal post and 4 wheels. I got something going, and did make the 1st cut into the fabric today. I had spent a part day deconstructing the red velvet coat. I bought that thing 25 years ago, and it never felt right when I wore it, so I gave up. The crowns of the sleeves might make a lovely heart décolletage? I tried it with one sleeve, and wow. Then today I tried both sides.
        Now, I know why the coat never felt right. It had 2 left sleeves!!!!
        So, I’m taking a breather. I’m still going for the heart, but now it’s a bit of a trick challenge.

        UCH… a cat 5. Maybe you should have got 5 cats? I had 16 cats, once. Okay 12 were kittens. Well, this is crazy cat chat. The only important cat is the one headed your way, and that you stay okay! LOVE!!!

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        1. Im very keen on the heart décolletage! Two Left arms, how inconvenient . Take it easy, fireball, I wish you could bottle some of that energy. I’m not surprised that you had 15 cats. My hearts going out to the people of the Bahamas, I took pics of the ocean waves today, they are already massive. Love!

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          1. Hey, just catching up on Art Gowns.
            I think I got the heart working this morning. Then I had to dismantle that. Now it’s going to be some days & days sewing the black underdress, for real. Then the bodice, (heart) then… well, I’ll find out when I get there.
            OMG, the Bahamas!! I really feel for them as well. That storm is pummelling them like nothing I can imagine. You hang tight! I’ll be good and pissed if something bad happens to you!!!!
            Well, this fireball is more of a spitball, at my age, or maybe a really fast rolling tumbleweed.
            I did a 3 hour walk today, and got some fab street art.


  3. Our dreams do many things for us including allow the life songs of our ancestors to be heard and seen. For a few, sleep is not necessary to hear the ancient songs. What a beautiful song you sing in your poem and selection of art, Rene. Be safe and secure during the next few days as the angry blue planet shows her wrath.

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      1. Our beautiful Florida is always feeling Mother’s anger, from droughts to hurricanes, flooding, and invasion of foriegn natures. Our indomitable spirit of the sun is unfazed. Floribama is quaint and quiet and further north is an easy route to take from there. Adventure is not to suffer but to seek life in other places. Your Peregrine Falcon will show you the correct path to take. Follow her.

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          1. LOL, I’ll compromise. We that gather at House of Heart for poetry, music, and well mannered discussion are the best. I hope others will join us and feel the love that offers respite from this mad world. 😉

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  4. The Falcon, rises up showing us wisdom as we overcome challenges.. I hope dearest Holly you are safe and well, as I have been tracking the Hurricane.. I hope it took a detour from your area,..
    Beautiful words, our dreams always meaningful however pagan..

    Much love your way Holly ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Sue , we are so grateful that the core of the storm stayed off shore, it would be a very different picture here today otherwise. We are getting some tropical storm gusts. Thank you for thinking of me, you’re a sweetheart! Sending much love to you. ♥️


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