give me your story
minute as a wish on a star
Did you run through blowing
wheat fields your yellow hair flying
those secrets of the heart
give them to me
I am swallowed up longing
When you fall I form a scar
read to me  of  love and life
those petals closing in the dark
stay lest I fade away.
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105 thoughts on “wheat fields rolling

      1. Le début, en 1978 :

        Chanson de la Colonie, 18 avril 1978

        Vous connaissez mon quartier, ou sinon peu importe.

        Pendant ce temps, ils feront de la musique et du café.

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          1. The poem is beautiful, even more so that I know part of the story behind. It may have been the friend you wanted to stop blogging for a while to care for? Or another? Some friends do leave to soon. And leave us with many a hole inside. Je suis désolé. Very sorry for your loss.

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