I will  indulge the unconventional.

On a  mossy  hill behind a mock castle

we will  read Aristophanes  to harems

of nymphs as they strum their Lyre for you.

While  you transform words into wings

flitting the hearts of lovers I will

contemplate the perfect angle of your face,

breathe the amber resin of pine that

permeates our senses and in the unruffled

pools of your eyes I will die just a little.





95 thoughts on “This Winter

  1. I love the image of reading Aristophanes to harems while nymphs strum their lyres. That’s a bit “to dye for” in the echoes of the not too distant past. Fabulous, Holly.

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  2. Wow, this poem is very beautiful and romantic, Holly! So glad to always come back to your blog when I have a bit of time. The starting line “I will indulge the unconventional” has great strength. I also like the references to the ancient Greek world with Aristophanes and the nymphs. Love the verse with “you transform wings into words”. Such a beautiful image! There is a lot of sensuality in the following verses:

    “contemplate the perfect angle of your face,

    breathe the amber resin of pine that

    permeates our senses.”

    And the closing verses have as great strength as the beginning.
    The whole poem has gorgeous imagery and I love its flow, so musical. I need to read it several times.

    there is my friend Mario Savioni, who gets less attention than me although he is a very talented artist-writer like you. He has recently posted a very original musical creation about which I have written a comment. Perhaps you would like to listen to it and read my comment? I would be very thankful to you. Mario Savioni is a great friend and he needs much more feedback than me. This is the link to his blog: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/09/07/plight-of-the-bumble-bee/

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  3. I find this a sensational poem, about unlimited adoration for one’s personal regard of beauty.
    When one finds it, and beholds it in its ongoing glory: yes, one dies just a little.
    #I will die just a little

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  4. You must have edited this, my e-mail includes the line: “I will indulge the unconventional, prefer the natural over avant grade,” which of course is what I wanted to comment on.

    Oh well.

    Why a “mock castle” when there are plenty of actual castles around? And “harems of nymphs”? Really?

    “The unruffled pools of your eyes”?

    Pools of eyes, like fabric, covering the landscape where moisture once lay, millions were slaughtered here, but I can’t see. Eye am dying a little amid the scent of amber.

    I hope you know I am teasing.

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  5. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami, Amie HEART

    Je regarde souvent
    En ouvrant une fenêtre, que ce soit au lever ou au coucher du soleil
    Si le matin afin si une belle journée s’annonce
    Et Le soir en admirant le ciel étoilé
    Mais tiens ce matin
    J’ai une petite pensée pour vous tous

    Ceux qui peuvent lire mon petit message
    Je leur dédies une belle semaine ensoleillé
    Pour le soir une belle nuit de sommeil
    Prenez bien soin de vous

    Bisous. Bernard

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