House of Heart

It is too soon
to prune but wilted petals

wave provocatively from a
bowing trellis

among the bent stems the sun is pleasing to bare shoulders.

Pulpy worms are sweet to scavenging tongues of hungry birds

plucked without warning from spidery veins of leaves

Elongated roots relentlessly war with nicked and bleeding fingers

I know it it is too early but chaotic gardens long for control
once again.


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44 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. I love this so much, Holly!
    Gardens teach us much about life, and you teach us much about gardens.

    Looks like a garden of lace flowers will be growing on the gown. I did a sample today. Now to think…
    I think I need to make 50 of them, anyway. xx

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  2. I let nature take its course this year. I love a well manicured garden but that’s real work right there. Lovely poem and beautiful art work Rene.

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      1. You are deservedly welcome Rene. I think I have quite the wild garden now but it does block the way to all my secret little hiding spots where I observe all kinds of humming birds, butterflys, bunny rabbits, and dragon flies. I think they feel safer without me lurking around so it’s all good. 😁🦋

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  3. Excellent and pleased you shared this, loved your words, I too have been creating some sort of order out of chaos this morning and I have scratches to prove it doing battle beneath the shrubs Lol..
    Lovely words Holly and a beautiful piece of artwork.. ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue, I too have the battle scars from putting up shutters with help of course but the Rose bushes next to the windows didn’t appreciate our intrusion. I’m glad you liked this, o can imagine how beautiful it is over there at harvest time! ♥️🥰

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      1. Just so pleased you survived the storm Holly, So devastating in so many areas, and so sad for the loss of life and communities destroyed..
        I hope your scars are healing.. and hope your rose bushes soon flourish back into shape again.. ❤

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        1. We escaped the wrath of Dorian by a slim margin though we did have some wind damage. My heart goes out to the Islands who lost their homes and some Their lives. As is the pattern our unesteemed leader Has offered little help to those desperate souls. But no politics this morning. I did cut the rose bushes way back to get to the windows, they are sturdy though and we are having lots of sunshine and rain so I’m sure they will be back with a fury. 😊❤️


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