I feel you in the pouring rain

violent or soft as a breeze.

A distant star you fade into

the night from which you came.

Wounded hearts are slow to heal

but I have become indifferent to pain.

Sweet gardenias fill my rooms with mortality

decaying petals soaked in secrets

rhapsodize my dreams with the zephyr of your sigh.

We are a wasteland, all poetic breath died with us.

I long for the scent of earth infused with deep roots,

the soothing sounds of swaying wind chimes clinging

to the limb of a live oak,

soothing sounds for the twilight hours.

67 thoughts on “the twilight hours

  1. You are a true dancer of the lofty as well as the subline. “I long for the scent of earth infused with deep roots,

    the soothing sounds of swaying wind chimes clinging

    to the limb of a live oak,

    soothing sounds for the twilight hours.” Each word is a gem in a crown of immortality.

    You are truly gifted. This is needlessly to say.

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  2. Often, as here, your words create a mood, as they reveal their lacy message.
    Here, added, is the ambrosia and musk of a lesson of love. I hear the chimes. I am alive, as the oak.
    Your poems are great fuel for the imagination, and heart.

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  3. “Wounded hearts are slow to heal, but I have become indifferent to pain”. A line like the twilight in time and the pain that passes with it slowly. Your gentle words have such rhythm Rene, you capture the beauty of poetry.🌹

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  4. Nothing like the sweet scent of the earth, I have been clearing decaying petals , trimming shrubs and digging the earth this morning Holly… Most satisfying too 🙂
    Nature one of the best places I know for wounded hearts my friend.. No one to judge, or ask questions we don’t wish to answer, We just allow those soothing sounds your poem so eloquently expressed to wash over our spirit taking us into that space where those chimes resonate long after the breeze has past them by..
    Always do I find beauty here with in your words, even when at times I feel the Melancholy energy behind them.

    Much love dearest Holly, take care of you my friend ❤

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    1. Dear Sue, you must be incredibly busy at harvest time but I’m sure your garden and fields are quite demanding year ‘round. We have gotten a hint of autumn the past couple of days with cooler temps or maybe it us just the latest storm moving up the coast. 😊 thank you for such a beautiful comment Sue, I have missed you. Sending best wishes and love dear friend. ♥️

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      1. Thank you Holly, I have missed you also, not being here on your blog, just so busy with the plot, and home garden along with our Granddaughter and preparing and freezing produce.
        Here too its grown cooler but we are enjoying some sunny days which is a bonus. So this morning I made the most of replanting and cutting shrubs back etc.. Your poetry always soothes me and astounds me at the use of words which are musical and enchanting all at the same time.. 🙂 ❤

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          1. Sundays are made for relaxing Holly, especially when one works all week.. I know…. Thankfully now I am retired, every day can be a Sunday if I wish lol… So I make the most of the weather and plan what I am doing by looking out the window 🙂 ❤ 😀

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          2. That sounds amazing. Enjoy the beauty of the change of seasons and those grandies. Sue. My son is back in school after spending some time in Germany with his Dad. We are in close proximity so that’s great for me anyway! ❤️😊❤️

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