I drift on an opalescent breeze
dreams flower in my hair
They shed in heaps of autumn leaves
rust and gold and green
I am traveling far from childhood
where dreams were never welcome
against transparent skies
I cast my tattered shadow
A Mayan goddess taking flight
thrumming ancient wings

goddess in flight

art by Karal Bak

59 thoughts on “wings thrumming

  1. Ahh…. splendid!
    Our lives do become tattered shadows of childhood.
    Yet, you have turned those tatters into a poem goddess of great enduring beauty.
    Thank you, dear Holly!

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  2. It wasn‘t hard to imagine I saw her, the ancient Mayan Goddess, and her radiant golden wings as she dove behind the trees. The afterglow was stunning. My evening fix from House of Heart warms my sodden skin and goose pimples my imagination.

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  3. Rather fabulous. I think you should do some haikus. Yes? Oui? Non?!

    One thing I must ask is should I call you Holly or Rene? Or ‘olleh, as we say in Manchester? Or can I call you Reni, after the genius Stone Roses drummer?

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