House of Heart

below green water 

beneath  lotus blossoms

kissing gourami


along the riverbank

covered  in moss

old stone soldiers

needing to wring

they remain motionless

delicate as doves

summer  chameleons

among the  autumn leaves

changing seasons

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104 thoughts on “a little haiku

      1. You don´t have the “reblog ” button, so you´re not a chameleon.
        Great read for sure, hopefully I´ll get to your level in my lifetime, and is short so I better move quickly waking up at 8 a.m and reading this. Also I have a computer, I have a roof over me, and I can read you, gotta love it, specially the last part…. I can read you.Thank you.

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        1. Thank you a for the great comment Charlie, you are always very kind and generous, I really appreciate that. We are fortunate to have a roof over our heads that’s For sure and not to be taken for granted these days. My reblog is on but I can’t get it to show up. WP! Have a wonderful day.


      1. Well, well, well!
        ❤ ❤
        The new Art Gown is in the thick.
        I can't see the beginning. I can't see the end.
        I'm just sewing, one stitch at a time. One day, it will e finished! xxoo

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          1. That will be in awhile… When it starts to be locked in, about 3/4 of the way through, I’ll send an update pic. ❤
            I read Shey's new book. There's gowns in it! So, I'll be doing a review of the book, and I'm drawing a few of the gowns… as I imagine them.
            Then, I'm going back to drawing RR in tango gowns. That will be a follow up post, to the actual gown post. Frank is going to pick out a Tango vid for us. I'm hoping he can find a Tango/Torch song. (he offered when he found out I was doing a Tango Art Gown, dedicated to you.)

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    1. Ooo…. I imagine pinkish-lavender satin, deep green (or teal) Moire taffeta, and yards and yards of tulle, the kind with tiny dots woven into the net. But with a steampunky edge for the cute little critter. And a matching top hat with trail of the tulle. 😀 Sorry — I was inspired.

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      1. Holly’s poems will cause uber-imagination ignition!
        I know you were inspired.
        I can hardly wait for everyone to se the Art Gown dedicated to her!
        Don’t be sorry for your imagination, and you have a huge surprise coming! However, I’m only about 25% my way through the gown. They are sewn by hand…100%.

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    1. We are besieged with every reptile know to man. These are cute though, not like those alligators and Pythons. I am sorry about the nest of bees…we have Mexican Killer Bees here, one must be wary. Thank you for the lovely comments Mr. W.

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  1. Amazing! You haiku with the best. Of course, it comes as no surprise to me that your poetic reach is farther than sight and wider than hemispheres. I enjoyed the vision each haiku creates and the last one was adorable. The little chameleon will soon change as well but rockin’ the green is doing it for me.

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      1. Hi Rene! I enjoyed the play among change, season, and the bright green chameleon sitting atop autumn leaves. It struck me right away so you led me there without me getting lost or confused. A sign of the master craftswoman. And thank you for the healing power of hugs. It’s such a nice way for people to receive one another.

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      1. Understood, I’m in FL, but as we approach my favorite side of the calendar, and “falling back” on the clock, the sun moves higher in the sky, which is less scorching heat, the humdity breaks, which reduces heat, and we do begin to feel cooler weather, sometimes cold, and wind sometime soon. Wind, oh how I look forward to the wind. And, you’re welcome so much. 😊🥰😘

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          1. Central – a town called Hunters Creek, cute little town, nothing like being down South though. I originally moved to West Palm in 2003 from NY – then in 2006 I moved up here to be near my cousin. My town is wonderful, 13+ years later it’s become home, but there’s nothing in FL like South FL. I miss the smell of the ocean, the Intercoastal, the FOOD! 🙂

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      2. In Central FL the sun moves higher in the sky about now, the humidity near disappears soon, and within a month we’ll slowly be moving into what I call perpetual Fall. One of the few things I enjoy about Central FL is our Winter season, we get a bit colder than you do down South. We’re already beginning to feel wind again after a much await time on the hotter, longer side of the calendar. I’m thrilled to be heading toward this, my favorite side of the calendar. By November into December – March we could easily see low 70s in the day, 60s in the morning if we’re super lucky – and 60s, 50s and once in a while 40s through the night … that makes me HAPPY!

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          1. Thanks Holly! Not quite shut the A/C open the windows weather yet … but here’s hoping that it’s soooner than later! Have to love FL, winter means a sweater, sometimes even gloves in the morning, with flip flops in the afternoon. 🙂 Where in Northern FL were you? And, ENJOY MIAMI! I haven’t been down that way in so long – I’d love to take a weekend trip down south soon.

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          2. I’ve never been that far North, I’d like to do a FL road trip one day and explore more of the State. And yes, I know …. your entire area is amazing! Eventually I’ll make my way down, it’s another world down there, a mere 2-3 hour drive away. I like the world down there, alas I am here “for now.”

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          3. It’s like old home week! I’ve been visiting my friend who lives on Merritt Island in such a lovely house and spending some time on the beach there, the waves are huge compared to our beaches here in the south…I had to rescue her when we thought Dorian was heading our way. Stay in touch!

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  2. Bonjour Mon AMIE HEART
    Comment trouver le bonheur

    Ne le cherche pas le bonheur dans tes souvenirs
    Cela te ferait beaucoup plus de mal
    Tu retrouverais les bons ainsi que les mauvais
    Si tu veux trouver le bonheur
    Cherche le dans le présent
    C’est seulement là qu’ il t’attend et là tu éviteras ceux qui peuvent te faire du mal
    Alors vit ton bonheur dans ce présent
    Belle semaine à toi , tes proches tes amies
    Pour toi une partie de mon bonheur
    Bisous Bernard

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