43 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl

      1. It’s very sweet, both the song and video! 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯

        So, I think the art supplies store near me is going out of business. Every time I go, there’s less and less stuff, even paper. There was no multi medium pads left, so I had to buy a sketch pad…. pencil only.
        Hey, so I’m doing a series of pencil sketches… What Suits Art Gowns… hahaha.. They are suits and gowns at the same time.
        Used you and RR for a couple of sketches. I’ll send pics later. I have to go do other stuff now!
        I’ve reverted to my old style for these, but it seems better now.

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          1. Gi uses gel pens. I keep buying odd pens & markers. I like them for different things.
            Not sure if any of them is a gel pen.
            Will look more closely. I’m excited to check out 3 art stores I’ve never been to.
            Maybe there’s street art around them!!!!
            Just got home, the sky is black, so will have to wait to take shots.
            Big thunderstorm rolling in, and my love is on a plane to TO. landing in a thunderstorm.

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