The world is wintry blue.
Vast and still yet there
is no comfort in the quiet.
The wolf inside me shakes
the snow from her fur,
travels through dark timbered
forests and blue gray mountains.
There are others moonstruck,
dusted with the same shine.
Together we trace a midnight
hover of crows unaware.

96 thoughts on “Moonlit

  1. The wolves told me this is the most wonderful poem they have ever heard!!!!

    I read it to them. They hope you are the one for Takaya, and like the end of your poem the pair will trace a midnight of crows together.

    I’ve been communing with the wolves for several nights, since I saw the docu about Takaya.

    How can a heart and mind: cry yet not, rejoice but not, wait through ages and against all odds for their love, their mate forever?
    This lone wolf, who broke from the pack, as some do, has been on his own for …. I think 7 years (going on memory). Most lone wolves find a mate in 3 months, a bit more. On rare occasion they have been found to wait 2 years.
    Takaya howls at the moon, and waits on a lone island, that he swam to.
    The woman he has allowed to watch him for all these years, has seen a female wolf. She has been seen at the same place that Takaya left the mainland and swim to the island.

    He howls at the moon. Has she heard him?

    The docu ends there. I’m beside myself waiting for the end of your poem to come true for 2 wolves.

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      1. Me too! so happy you watched it!

        Your poem is wonderful.
        It embraces all the spirit that wolves have, and the connection we have to that.
        I knew this poem was very special when I read it!
        xoxoxo awhoooooo! xoxoxo

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  2. Simply beautiful, Holly. Love each line but especially this part:
    “The wolf inside me shakes
    the snow from her fur,
    travels through dark timbered
    forests and blue gray mountains.”

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    Chaque jour quelque soit l’heure
    J’allume mon ordinateur
    Ce n’est qu’une petite boîte rectangulaire
    Parfois elle me fais râlé
    Parce qu’elle me fait attendre
    Pourtant elle a le cœur tendre
    Elle t’envoie mes courriers
    Sans jamais se fatiguer
    Elle affiche mes mots
    Sans jamais me dire si c’est trop
    Elle transporte mes images
    Qu’elle affiche sur tes pages

    Maintenant encore
    Elle t’envoie un bisou de ma part
    Te souhaite une très très belle journée
    Profite bien

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