18 thoughts on “Last Roses of Summer

    1. The gorgeous greenery and gardens of lush flowers will be missed ( of course here in South Florida it is forever Summer) . I will miss the carpets of autumn leaves. ThaNk you for the lovely comment. Please visit Dievca’s eclectic blog.

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      1. Florida is endless summer. I guess second only to California and maybe Hawaii. Though fall has another spirit, another time that if not comparable to summer run at least close.

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  1. …And those sunset colored roses are quit beautiful in their waning days. I love roses for their symbolism and their fragile lives. I recently bought a 5 ml bottle that took 10,000 Bulgarian roses transplanted from Syria in the Bronze age and continuously cultivated to become the most beautiful and aromatic roses in the world. The essence cost $55 per ml and it will last me a long time. I can make perfume, cologne, soothing lotions, and healing potions from it. All of us dark gothic steampunk vampires are also alchemists as well. Thank you for sharing this inspiring image and words. Now, to follow that link…..💐

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